Let’s bring spirituality as a way of being to life in every dimension of our lives.

Spirituality is a birthright of every living being. It’s a universal force, commons and language to unify every facet of our personal-, community- and planetary- centric lives.

What if spirituality was liberated to simply be,

“living and loving abundantly for the wellbeing of the whole.”


We’re working on articulating and evolving a living conceptual, developmental and applied framework of cospirituality or co-creative spirituality.

Cospirituality is an organic, interactive framework and universal way of discovering, realizing and embodying I am simultaneously a me, a we and an all endeavoring to live and love abundantly for the well-being of the whole. 

3 unifying principles and missions form the foundation of cospirituality and our journey of enlivening our personal, societal and universal spirituality as a way of being.

The 1st guiding principle of cospirituality is pioneering wholeness as co-creative citizens of our natural world of living energies. This is our first great trek and task of spiritual being.

The 2nd guiding principle of cospirituality is cultivating love in kindredship with our planetary spiritual collaborative. This is our second great trek and task of spiritual being.

The 3rd guiding principle of cospirituality is growing enlightenment on our universal path of evolving together. This is our 3rd great trek and task of spiritual being.

Bringing these 3 unifying principles and endeavors to life as spiritual beings is the beating heart the theory and livingness of cospirituality.

” i am cospiritual for the wellbeing of the world “