We’re catalyzing, developing and stewarding an ecosystem of initiatives, activities, programs and pathways to contribute to realizing and advancing our shared story and trek of spirituality. 

We invite you to explore the initiatives that speak to you, move you or light you up and get in touch with us to learn more.



Wherever we look in our lives, we find an evolving life on its journey of spiritual becoming and being. In our personal lives we experience ourselves evolving from one state of spiritual realization, development and sharing to the next, again to be followed by another expansion of understanding, skill or relationship that brings us into the greater experience of spiritual realities we are co-creative parts of.  This successive story and trek of discovery, learning, consciousness and sharing is also built into the sacred journey of our communal, societal and planetary spirituality. 

These seed, developing and active initiatives serve to contribute to enriching and advancing the interconnected wellbeing and evolution of our personal selves, our humanity, our planetary life and the expanded universe of lives we are part as we trek our shared journey of enlivening spirituality.




The Universal Vision








standing for, strengthening and stewarding our shared spirituality

Spiritual Custodian is the noble quest and responsibility of stewarding our shared spirituality into a world yearning for truth, kindredship, love, understanding, healing, equality, justice and the realities of the something more.

Through the many ages and great eras of our human history and story of evolving together we find a commons of bold, humble and noble spiritual messengers and servers standing for the essential spiritual truths to be realized, nourishing the needs of the hearts and minds of our collective humanity and lighting the path to the spiritual steps to be trekked into the next era of consciousness development.

We and our humanity are on the way of waking up to and realizing we’re living centers of spiritual energy and integral parts of The Spiritual Collaborative of our Planetary Life.

Spiritual Custodianship centers on powering and fueling the stewardship missions of spiritual messengers, servers and agents in cooperation with commons of The Spiritual Collaborative on their noble, adventurous tasks of standing for and bringing to life the incoming needed and planned spiritual energies, ideas, values, teachings and collaborations for our next chapter of evolving together as one humanity with the commons our living Earth.

One chapter of our shared story of spiritual living is coming to its consummation, while a new chapter of personal, societal and universal energies and endeavors are now just commencing. One of the most essential tasks of Spiritual Custodianship is helping to bridge the outflowing era of spiritual discovery, consciousness and advancement with our newly inflowing era of opportunity.

Spiritual Custodian aims to find, nourish, strengthen, equip, fund and free the vital, sacred missions of pioneering, compassionate spiritual citizens, servers, agents and initiates currently incarnated at this special moment in our planetary story.

Custodian endeavors to contribute to preparing the way and creating the fit conditions for incarnating spiritual agents to realize, enact and fulfill their noble tasks of spiritual upliftment and service for the well-being of Humanity and our Planetary Life in our newly emerging era of shared spirituality.

If you resonate with the reality that we are individually and collectively waking up to our expanded spirituality and our parts to play in The Spiritual Collaborative of our Planetary Life, we invite you to explore more and contribute to this sacred initiative.



building a universal culture of evolving together as world citizens for the wellbeing of the whole through purpose-centered connection, community and co-creation

Are you a world citizen, creator, trustee, leader, educator, entrepreneur, parent or youth who senses and knows you are here to contribute to the well-being of the something more we are part of and our interconnected world?

The Universal Vision is pioneering and fueling an universal movement of realizing our personal, community, national, societal and planetary visions of our world and future as part of a shared universal vision of caring for and evolving together for the wellbeing of the whole.

One of the unique dimensions of The Universal Vision is its energy of synthesis, providing a unifying framework for evolving together based on one shared universal purpose, the 3 perennial missions of spiritual being and 8 foundational guidepost for co-creating our bright future based on our independent interdependence.

Universal Vision focuses on developing our leadership as spiritual citizens, building a culture of collaboration as kindred spirits, charting our visions together as co-creators and solving challenges together with inclusive spiritual values.

Get in touch to learn more about how the universal vision can help your community realize its vision.



realizing and advancing the world plan of love on Earth

Are you lit up and moved by idea and reality that we are each part of something more and vibrant citizens of our one, interconnected humanity and world?

The World Plan Project is pioneering the idea and work that a world plan of Earth exists to be discovered, stewarded and co-created with.

When we connect the dots of our experience on our personal paths of discovery, service and growth of consciousness to include the greater lives we’re part of, we come to a discovery that our Earth is a living entity and spiritual being on its universal path of growth and service and are called to contribute to the path of Earth Service.

The World Plan Project aims to mobilize kindred spirits around the livingness of the world plan of Earth and move forward together into expanded conscious collaboration with our planetary life to co-create a world powered by wholeness, love and enlightenment.

To explore or contribute to the work of The World Plan of Love,




pioneering exploration, research, culture building and challenge solving through newly emerging field of energetic ecology

Humankind is entering a new era of discovery, understanding and stewardship of the world we live in. 

We’re awakening to the essential knowledge that we are citizens of a living energetic universe that includes the interdependence of our known physical universe and our etheric, emotional, mental, intuitional worlds of being.

Energetic Ecology is the science and art of studying, understanding and caring for the interdependent health, consciousness and evolution of our energetic worlds of life and their diverse forms of living energy.

Energetic Ecology is pioneering the value and importance of consciously stewarding our energetic ecologies for the well-being of personal lives and integrating energetic science, knowledge and modalities into benefiting our many fields of human living and progress including economics, religion, medicine, international relations, enterprise, education and governance.

It’s in the realm of energetic knowledge and science that we’ll come to know our essential oneness as humble, noble citizens of our intimate and vast world of living energies. Many of the answers we’re seeking today to realize the meaning of our lives, understand the causes for world tensions and create collaborative, sustainable solutions to our local and global challenges exist in the rich emerging field of energetic ecology.

When we truly value and care for our energetic lives, communities and enterprises we contribute to building a collaborative world culture of interdependent oneness and unity through diversity. 

To explore and contribute to Energetic Ecology for Earth,



nourishing sacredness at the heart of our lives

Are you curious and concerned about or asking, “where the sacred has gone in our lives, our innate care for one another, our sense of human welfare, our social climate and in the world?”.

Sacred Salutation aims to make sacred space to ask the questions, experience the feelings, observe the thoughts and bring the nourishing light of soulful connection and sharing to the things that matter and bring joy to our lives.

In a world moved by faster and faster modes of communication, pressures on our capacities to connect soulfully with one another and the growth of external forces impacting how we enact our values and live our lives, sacredness and sacred space is an essential and most valuable currency. 

Sacred Salutation serves as one of most beautiful universal practices and habits to cultivate on our spiritual paths and infuse into our everyday lives and our challenges, contemplations, dreams and choicemaking.

Sacred Salutation is aimed to nourish all lives on their journeys of abundant spiritual living.

Are you called to learn more?



growing networks of spiritual citizens contributing to the wellbeing of our planetary spiritual commons

12 Spiritual Festivals is a global endeavor catalyzing world citizens, spiritual servers and kindred spirits of Earth to actively host, ground and work with the energies of world service through the sacred space of one week every month.

The energies of world service play an intimate and powerful role in enriching our personal, professional, communal, international, societal and global relationships, health and progress.

12 Spiritual Festivals catalyzing lives to dedicate 7 days each month for 30 minutes each day to active study, meditation and stewardship with the world service energies seeking to be contacted, realized, stationed and worked with to actively co-create a collaborative world culture powered by the living energies of wholeness, love and enlightenment as a way of being.

Each Week of World Service centers on the month’s high energy solar peak day and serves to form a center of energy and grow the living reservoirs of service energies that fuel lives and communities in all kingdoms of nature around the world on their journeys of service evolution and livingness.

12 Spiritual Festivals facilitates pioneering lives to form a network of 3 or more kindred spirits in their local region and provides outfitting, resources and guidance for the spiritual trek of world service.

To explore, participate in or contribute to The 12 Spiritual Festivals Project,



seasonal summits of kindred spirits working together to pioneer, develop and forward our individual, societal and planetary spirituality

World Cooperation is a powerful and rhythmic way to deepen understanding of our shared spirituality, deepen our kindredship and work on collaborative bringing the story of the world plan of Earth to life.

At the beginning of each season of the year we gather virtually and in-person for 8 days to learn, grow and work together on cultivating our visions for the future, our shared spirituality and our individual, societal and planetary stories and endeavors for evolving together.

The Weeks of World Cooperation serve as sacred window enlivening our shared spirituality as a way of being and bring the World Plan of Earth to life.





spiritual outreach, dialogue and gatherings to enliven spirituality in our hearts and around the world

Are you lit up by the idea and sense that we’re each part of a something more?

What spiritual questions and callings are lighting the way on the next step our your path? 

Spiritual Gatherings is all about growing understanding of ourselves, building mutually nourishing relationships, realizing the something more we’re part of and co-creating with our shared spirituality and story of evolving together into our bright future.

Gatherings is contributing to growing the global conversation, movement and community of lives called to enliven our shared spirituality and story of evolving together and co-create a world powered by wholeness, love and enlightenment in action.

A core aim of Spiritual Dialogue and Gatherings is nourishing mutual understanding, spiritual questions and callings, meaningful relationships, community healing, collaborative solutions and grounding actions to explore and realize our shared spirituality in the world. 



personalized spiritual guidance, healing, training, meditation and adventures for the trek of spiritual being

Every human being is a spiritual being on a great adventure of co-creating a world powered by the energies of wholeness, love and enlightenment. It’s this simple truth stands at the heart and approach of the Spiritual Trek.

Spiritual Trek mentoring creates a sacred space for spiritual seekers, citizens, servers, leaders and agents to care for and develop themselves as initiating spiritual beings, cultivate collaboration as kindreds spirits of Earth and realize the universe of energies shaping their lives and to step forward on the extraordinary path of spiritual living, serving and being.

If you’re looking for the next step on your trek of spirituality, we invite you to learn more.



a collaborative exploration into the shared spiritual foundations and universal energies that unite and enliven our world

Are you a learner, teacher, leader, steward or creator seeking to connect the dots of your life’s experience, nourish your path of spiritual development or grow your capacities to enrich the world?

Cospiritual Foundations is a series of intimate, interactive conversations exploring the energies, forces and paradigms that shape our lives and the things we care about.

Foundations is aimed to developing and deepening our fluency in the universal language of shared spirituality and build fuller working knowledge and skill in action for our personal, societal and universal paths of spiritual livingness. 

Are you called to learn more about Cospiritual Foundations?



awakening, defining and living our self-initiated spiritual values to enrich the world

Are you a spiritual seeker, citizen, server or agent on a journey of expanding into a next field of spiritual consciousness, living and service? 

Choicemaking With Spiritual Values is an intimate and energizing learning and leadership series on the meaning, role and future of spirituality and spiritual values in our lives and ever more interconnected world. 

Choicemaking is aimed to catalyzing and empowering individuals, families, communities, spiritual servers and our interconnected Humanity in the magical art of choicemaking to bring spirituality to life as a way of being.

Are you called to learn more about Choicemaking With Spiritual Values?



curating and crafting future-forward guidebooks and resources for our journey of shared spirituality

Are you seeking or driven to learn more about cospirituality, who we are, what we are part of, where we’re headed and how we can contribute to enlivening spirituality in the world.

Guidebooks is endeavoring to bridge our understanding and continuities of knowledge spirituality through the ages; pioneering next fields of discovery, wisdom and experience into our present and future roles of spiritual agents; and evolving realizations of our living universe of spiritual being.

Guidebooks aims to enrich the world through curating and generating books, atlases, field guides, sites and interactive resources to advance our individual, societal, cultural and universal spiritual exploration, knowledge and collaboration.



there is knowing the path and there is walking the path. universal wisdom empowers us to do both.

As evolving spiritual lives, we’re each on continuous journeys awakening, discovery, learning, service and consciousness development.

Universal Wisdom empowers curious learners and leaders from all ages and walks of life to know their path and walk their path with the spiritual navigation system of universal living wisdom.

Universal Wisdom aims to empower collaborative world citizens, servers and initiates to develop and engage the love and joy of interworldy knowledge and applied spiritual understanding through organically structured journeys of exploration and experiential learning into the extraordinary living body and network of personal, cultural and perennial spiritual wisdom.



awakening to and realizing our incarnated purpose, potentials and path of being this life 

Do you have a knowing you’ve incarnated with a purpose of improving the world?

Incarnations is experiential learning and mentoring exploring the nature of our being and the experience of birth and death and all that happens in between.

Incarnations is a journey through the magical story and workings of incarnation and a space to deepen our purpose, develop our superpowers and put our energies into action along the pathways in this lifetime that light us up the most.

One of the great spiritual realities our shared humanity is on the way to realizing is the nature of our essential being. This perennial nature of our essential being holds the key to liberating the human spirit and Humankind from the fears of death and the imprisoning effects of materialistic forces.

Incarnations endeavors to empower our shared story of evolving together and light our way into a world powered by love and compassion for every living being.



honoring the life, love and livingness of souls who are incarnating and transitioning from this cycle of life

Do you sense there’s more to understanding about the realities, nature and workings of dying or passing on from our physical world and seek to bring peace, healing and light to loved ones, yourself, your family or community through a death experience.

One of the greatest hurts and pains that can be experienced in life is the passing on or unexpected loss of dear friends, family members, lives who’ve impacted our lives and our loved ones. 

It’s an essential part of our journey as souls and citizens of the world to understand, cultivate and evolve our knowledge of the art, science and of sacredness dying and departing from physical life.

Discarnations is spiritual companionship, insight, healing and guidance around the sacred nature of incarnation and passing on from this physical world into expanded worlds of our living universe.



developing, bridging and streaming the energies of our life after life experience and realms of our spiritual living, moving and being

One of our great adventures and treks as co-creative spiritual beings is building energetic connection, developing magnetic consciousness and embodying spiritual agency with our many layered spheres of human and planetary consciousness.

Where we’re “we” before we incarnated into this human bodily form or spacesuit? What energies and inner drives inform what moves you daily as a spiritual being? Where do we really go when we sleep? In what field of consciousness is Heaven? What states of awareness to we vibrate in when we are meditating? Can we continue to communicate with the Souls of loved ones once they have passed on from their bodily vessel? Can we free ourselves from the misunderstandings and anxieties around death? Can a theory and applied knowledge of the law of cause and effect and continuity of spiritual being through many incarnated human personalities liberate Humanity from from materialism? 

All of these questions form part of field of knowledge and role continuity of consciousness plays in our lives.


Be in touch to learn more about Continuity of Consciousness Project.



healing and regenerating our health, relationships, communities and cities through the art and science of living energies

Are you a healing presence or life that is looking to expand your capacities for bringing healing and wholesomeness to the well-being of your self, family, project or community?

Healing is a field for realizing and deepening facility in working with the collaborative intelligences and forces present, accessible and at play in our bodies, environment and living universe of being.

Spiritual Healing can be employed and harnessed for benefiting, transforming and regenerating all types of energetic conditions, challenges and interplays of energy in our lives.

Spiritual Healing aims to deepen our knowledge and skill in action in understanding and working with our intrinsic and expanded ecosystem of regenerative energies, forces and substances to heal and uplift our interconnected lives and communities.

Are you called to learn more about Community Healing?



enriching the well-being of our world through healing and caring for our cities and spaces as living centers of energy

Our cities are living centers of energy and call for healing and regeneration just like we do.

What’s the condition of your city’s energetic health, development and well-being?

Cities are living energetic entities and force centers within the evolving body of our planetary life. They serve as inlets, assimilators, outposts and distributors for major streams of planetary forces that continually shape and contribute to our shared well-being and evolution. As living centers of energy, cities generate planetary atmospheres and energetic ecosystems that can positively or negatively affect the health, development and consciousness of lives all around the planet.

Dedicated energetic healing and care for the health and state of the energy nature, bodies and centers of our cities have the capacity to influence and uplift the well-being, consciousness and atmospheres of millions upon millions of lives everyday.

City and Spaces aims to uplift our world through healing the living energy ecosystem of our cities, our nations and Earth’s interdependent sacred spaces.



training and deploying world healers in the vital planetary work of world healing for Humanity, Nations, Nature and Earth

Our communities, our institutions of governance, our society, our natural ecosystems, our Humanity and our Earth are calling for healing and transformation.

Our Humanity and Earth are at pivotal thresholds of opportunity and expansion on their paths of development and service. They need dedicated, skilled world healing teams and systematic, ongoing healing and regeneration to care for their energetic well-being as they progress into the next chapters of their shared stories of evolving together.

This world healing work is unique in that it directly and systematically contributes to nourishing and transforming our interdependent planetary community by employing a contextual “healing with energies at scale” approach for the life and energetic ecosystems of humanity, communities, cities, nations, continents, social climate, global tensions, ideologies and our living Earth.

World Healers Initiative is tasked with discovering, training, equipping, supporting and empowering the missions of world healers in their noble, humble service of enriching the health and well-being of evolving Humanity, Nature and Earth.

World Healers centers on uplifting society and elevating the healthfulness, development and well-being of the world through the systematic and highly responsive application of the energetic art and science of world healing and regeneration.



freeing and circulating the evolving life of money as a concretized energy of love to fuel spirituality as a way of being

Do you have a sense or knowing that money is a lifeblood and energy that can enrich our interconnected personal, social, ecological and planetary well-being?

Spiritualizing Money is an initiative dedicated to pioneering, transforming and evolving our relationship with the life and living energies of money.

What are the causes, atmospheres, habits, systems and forces that contribute to the current state of our relationship, generation and stewardship of money in our lives. What is our shared vision for creating a world where every life can be nourished to explore, develop and share their purposed energies and interests?

Spiritualizing Money aims to mobilize a field and expedition of exploration, challenge solving and applied service for lives called to transform the ideas, consciousness and ecosystems of and around the noble energy of money to enrich our world for the whole.

Are you called to learn more about Spiritualizing Money?



standing for and circulating the living energies of wholeness, love and enlightenment around the world

Do you identify as a force of good and experience that we each carry within us the power to change the world for the better?

SpiritualTriangles is a simple daily practice and a state of being for enriching our selves, our families, our communities and world through the co-creative art and science of sound and streaming energies of wholeness, love and enlightenment. 

Spiritual Triangles is a way for cultivating a state of meditative being where the energies of good and habits of wholeness, love and enlightenment stand at the center of the way we envision, relate with, respond to and co-create with the our daily lives and living, ever-changing world.

Spiritual Triangles serves as a universal sacred awareness and practice for individuals and networks of lives from all walks of life to enrich their communities, grow spiritual contentment, solve conflicts and challenges, evoke shared understanding and co-create a world that benefits every life through the common ground of the living energies of wholeness, love and enlightenment.

Seed, nourish and grow a world good triangle for your community, city, nation or field of world service. 



discovering and developing the science, art and discipline uniting energies 

As the perennial philosophy, knowledge and practices of yoga permeate into our ways of viewing the world, our communities and our mainstream consciousness, we’re awakening to harnessing the universal science, art and language of living energies.

The journey of our Humanity is one of exploring our spiritual realities, cultivation our relationships, developing our potentials and evolving our embodied freedoms as co-creative spiritual energies.

A continuous narrative our our shared human story is uniting our changing world.

Yoga of Energies is a field of exploration, insights, knowledge and tools to assist us in learning how to understand, nourish, harness and unite our energies to transform and evolve our health, society and living Earth.

To learn more about Yoga of Energies get in touch.



energetic culture and faculty development for trekking the spiritual path of Earth Service

Do you experience the value of caring for and equipping your bodies and energy system as an incredible instrument on your spiritual path of learning, development and service.

Energyfit is a mindset and approach for naturally and continuously developing, equipping and honing your energetic bodies, centers and abilities for your spiritual trek of Earth Service.

EnergyFit is oriented to empowering spiritual leaders and servers energetic fitness and spiritual faculties through grounded energy-based guidance and practices.



nourishing 7 essential energies that stand at the heart of our individuality, our one humanity and diverse communities of being

Do you have a sense that our many joys and challenges as humanity are part of a greater story of evolving together?

Octave Communities is delving into the heart of who we are as individuals, discovering our diverse unity through 7 universal energies and values of life, and growing how we can come together as an interconnected community of one world. Understanding and nourishing the 7 communities in our lives and society is one of the current missing pieces to growing healthful, mutually enriching communities and cultures of togetherness.

Our exterior relations and landscapes are a correspondence or reflection of our interior relations and landscape. A key on our path of togetherness ahead is understanding more of the interior landscape of energies that compose our being and catalyze the diverse conflicts and harmonies we experience in our lives.

Octave Communities aims to contribute to building mutually enriching inter-personal, societal and planetary communities on our path of togetherness into the future.

Are you called to learn more?



nourishing the heart of humanity to awaken to its purpose and role as a steward of energies on mission enriching the well-being of the world

Our Humanity is an integral kindred spirit of our planetary spiritual life and an evolving center of energies on its path of spiritual learning, development and service in our living universe of being.

We each incarnate with an impulse to be a steward of a spiritual energy or mission to contribute to our shared community, environment and world.

Humanity is on the way to realizing the next step on its journey of spiritual enlightenment, service and being as a world steward of energies for the upliftment of all inhabitants and stakeholders of our Earth and the Earth itself on its path of spiritual evolution.

Heart of One Humanity is contributing to forwarding our shared story of evolving together through pioneering exploration of our divine purpose, cultivating realization of the living energies we’re here to steward and growing agency upon our universal path of spiritual service and being.

Heart of One Humanity aims to to awaken our collective humanity to its noble purpose and journey of spiritual livingness.



empowering energy artists of all ages on their journey of co-creating through energies and the energy arts

Every human spirit is a co-creator with energies.

Energy Artists Initiative is a cultural endeavor dedicated to developing, mentoring and supporting energy artists of all ages in the artistry and skills of consciously co-creating with energies and the energy arts throughout a lifetime and in their choses field of exploration and contribution.

One of the emerging spiritual goals for our Humanity is to know itself as a co-creative steward of the spiritual energies and communities of energy of our living Earth.

To know thyself, is to know thy energy.

Get in touch to learn more about Energy Artists Initiative.



externalizing ourselves as living energies of love on Earth as an essential next step on our shared story of evolving together

Do you have an innate drive or mission of helping and enriching the well-being of our communities, society, business, education, culture or systems of government, relations and sharing that contributes to upliftment of the whole?

Forces of Love is an expedition into realizing, developing and employing our energies and roles as Forces of Love for the world. Forces of Love are oriented a universal vision of good for the whole, inclusive collaboration with our planetary community and co-creative skill in action through our specialized fields of service, interest and endeavor.

The next chapter of our shared planetary story of evolving together with one another, our Humanity and the many lives for whom is Earth is home is landing. A central narrative of this emerging chapter of human, international and Earth development is a realizing and embodying of the consciousness of spiritual collaboration and our shared work of stewarding the magnetic and building forces of love into proactively co-creating a world powered by loving interrelations and dynamic systems of sharing to nourish the well-being in all lives and communities.

Our Earth as a spiritual life can be said to be entering a next field its personal development on its great adventure of evolving together within our Solar System and living Universe. One of the most significant developments is a cyclic externalizing of its heart energies and the community of lives called to steward the energies and forces of love for planetary progress and well-being.

Forces of Love is aimed to inspire, develop and support spiritually centered lives as conscious, collaborative, skilled stewards of energy and Forces of Love in every resonant field of human endeavor for the benefit of the world.

Interested in learning more about Forces of Love?



kindredship is cultivating the idea, spirit, consciousness and livingness of our beautifully unique, oneness with all citizens of the world

Do you perceive and experience the inherent interconnectedness of our lives  and yearn to contribute to the freedom and abundance of our unique universality as kindred spirits of one shared world?

The foundational truth Kindredship is bringing to life is, “we are all kindred”.

Kindredship is energizing and developing the universal idea, value and work of kindredship as a way of truly valuing one another, the abundance of our interconnected talents and resources and our independence interdependence with Earth and our living Universe.

A root underlying current of unrest, separativeness and divisiveness in the world is due to being asleep or actively opposed to the unifying energy of kindredship and our interconnectedness as kindred spirits of one another, our communities, nature lives and Earth.

Every evolving life and spirit in form, in every kingdom of nature, from mineral and plant lives to animal and human lives and from soul to planetary lives are on kindred journey of spiritual becoming and being. 

The simple beauty of experiencing, feeling and realizing our kindredship, or our essential alikeness is a foundational key to solving many of our most pressing personal, societal, international and multi-community challenges.

Kindredship aims to mobilize kindred spirits to unify our beautifully diverse lives, communities and world through realizing, sharing and co-creating with the inclusive energies of kindredship as a way of being.

Are you called to learn more about Kindredship?



nourishing and sharing our unique and universal energies and stories of spiritual being

Are you a creator, lover, leader or steward on the extraordinary trek of bringing your energy and story of being to life to enrich the world?

Stories is a co-creative initiative discovering, crafting and sharing our stories of being and our extraordinary journeys of evolving together as one diverse world.

What’s your joy, medium and journey of experiencing and expressing your spark and story of spirituality? Poetry, music, ecology, meditation, reading, science, business, nature, healing, exploration, arts, philosophy, animals, numbers, sports, faith, gardening, culture, yoga, architecture, biology, history, astronomy, learning?

Stories is our space to experience, learn from and nourish the many points of view, perspectives and parts of the magic, beauty and livingness of the world plan in our lives and communities.

Stories is aimed to empower world citizens in the beautiful, sacred journey of nourishing our shared story and trek of evolving together.



exploring, mapping and illuminating the universe of living energies shaping our spiritual lives

Atlas of Energies is building original research, charts, knowledge sets and working tools on the universe of energies and forces guiding, stimulating, inspiring and shaping our lives, society and world.

Atlas of Energy is employing emerging modes of energetic perception and interpretation and crafting functional spiritual field guides to understand, collaborate with and proactively care for the spiritual health, ecology, evolution and future of humanity, cities, nations, centers of nature, our Earth and living Universe.

Atlas is:

  • employing trained atlasers and skilled energy perception, surveying and charting on the energetic factors, centers and ecosystems informing and impacting the plan of evolution on earth
  • creating weekly, quarterly, annual and specialized atlases of the energies and forces informing and impacting planetary health, development, challenges and progress
  • monthly orienting and equipping kindred spirits of the plan to artfully and scientifically assess, understand and navigate the interactive ecosystem of energies conditioning the collaborative expedition and work
  • developing and growing fluency in the transformative language of energy in youth, change agents and influencers in their fields of service

To learn more about Atlas of Energies,



awakening to and building harmonious relations with the substantial intelligences of our living universe


Do you sense that the world we live experience with our 5 major physical sense is only one of many fields of our experience, consciousness and living as spiritual beings?

The Deva Initiative is endeavoring to develop greater knowledge, understanding and relations with the many forms of energy, consciousness and substance that compose our living experience and worlds of spiritual being. 

Devas, through one lens of perception, are the living, intelligence  substance and agents of the matter of our manifested universe.

When we wake up to the community of sentient lives the compose our bodies of experience and the fields of our physical and super-physical consciousnesses, we enter in a more expanded, meaningful relationship with what we call Nature and the elegant realms of deva intelligences that nourish and inform the way we perceive, experience  and care for our world.

Get in touch to learn more about The Deva Initiative.



Mobilizing the forces of light and spiritual stewards around Earth’s incoming chapter of spiritual evolution

Our Earth as an evolving spiritual life is completing a significant cycle and classroom of experience and service from a Piscean energy infused era and preparing for the commencement of a next field of spiritual stewardship into its Aquarian era of evolutionary development.

Aquarian Expedition is working on planting and cultivating the seeds of the incoming Aquarian era ideas, consciousness and spiritual knowledge. It’s contributing to cultivating the fit energetic conditions, atmospheres and bodies to healthfully transition from an era predominantly qualified by the energies of devotion and abstract idealism into an energetic era of consciousness development characterized by the living energies and inclusive culture of universality, collaboration, science, initiation and organization.

Aquarian Expedition aims to build collaborative understanding of our incoming chapter of planetary progress, equip world citizens and servers in navigating and working proactively with the Aquarian related energies and nourish the seeds and fit atmospheric conditions to recognize and act on our spiritual opportunity and responsibility.



realizing a universe of energy ashrams serving as living stations of collaborative spiritual energy, outfitting and service

Do you have a sense that the extraordinary intelligence that coordinates our physical body with its many centers of activity, systems, organs and cells is somehow connected with how our planet with its many centers of activity, kingdoms and lives co-operates, regenerates and evolves?

Energy Ashrams is pioneering exploration into the known and commonly unknown ways we as stations of energy and planets and stars as stations of energy work and evolve together and how we are even more elegantly interconnected that we could have imagined.

Ashrams is an abundant field of exploration, meditation, outfitting and service into direct identification, collaborative relations and co-creative experience with the many ashrams of energy that compose ashramic livingness and our extraordinary universe on its way of enlivening spirituality.



Are you called to step forward on the spiritual path and expand your service to Humanity, Nature and Earth?

Grow your leadership and impact as a citizen of the world through developing and applying skillfulness in the emerging planetary spiritual work of stewarding energies for the well-being and future of our world.

Monthly Spiritual Summits is catalyzing and engaging world citizens in the noble endeavor of collaboratively stewarding the energies and forces stimulating and impacting our Earth’s journey of spiritual development and service.

Monthly Spiritual Summits aims to grow our conscious spiritual collaboration with the living energies of Earth through leadership and meditation gatherings at seasonal and cyclic windows of opportunity to heal, mobilize and empower our shared story of spiritual evolution.



every one hundred years and quarter century serves as milestone for enlivening our planetary spirituality and trek of earth service

Centennial Summits are potent planetary cycles for strengthening, planning and energizing of our joint expedition and spiritual works in cooperation with the living spiritual collaborative of Earth.

Centennial summits serve as a cyclic series of focused windows of deepening and growing our agency and stewardship of Earth’s evolutionary purpose and plan in co-creative rapport with the many centers of energy and noble stakeholders contributing to the well-being and evolution of our planetary life and community.

Every 25 year milestone of our planetary expedition offers an opportunity realize the collective progress of our journey of development to date and contributes to energizing our incoming next 25 chapter of pioneering our wholeness, cultivating our consciousness and growing our enlightenment as a kindred spirits of Earth.




Spiritually initiating lives pioneering the evolution of our personal, societal and universal spirituality

Are you endeavoring to trek forward on your spiritual path as a spiritual citizen, seeker, server, leader or agent?

Spiritual Agents is a spiritual leadership initiative and collaborative relationship with an evolving network of spiritual servers, initiates and adepts dedicated to contributing the the well-being, consciousness development and progress of Humanity, Nature, Earth and our expanded Universe of spiritual being.  

It reveals a limitless field for exploring, growing, serving and advancing on your unique and universal path of leadership, ambassadorship and creatorship as a spiritual being on the great adventure of livingness and evolution through energy.

Spiritual Agents aims to catalyze, guide and strengthen spiritual citizens, seekers, servers and initiates on their paths and work of spiritual agency in conscious collaboration with Earth’s spiritual collaborative of living energies.



catalyzing pioneering lives dedicated to fueling and funding the work of enlivening spirituality as a way of being

Are you an entrepreneur, change agent or philanthropist powered by the art of generous giving and who senses your capacity to generate and attract money is part of something more?

World Patrons Of The Spiritual Trust is dedicated to pioneering the pivotal role money plays in realizing and fueling the cyclic emergence and evolution enlivening spirituality for our bright future.

World Patrons Of The Spiritual Trust aims to catalyze current and future philanthropists to proactively engage their distinctive spiritual agency of wielding money for funding and advancing the work of The Spiritual Trust.

Are you called to learn more about World Patrons of The Spiritual Trust?



exploration and research bringing realities of our natural world of energies to life 

World of Energies is pioneering the theory and exploration that we exist as living energies and citizens of a diverse world of living energies that includes our known physical world and super-physical worlds of energy.

A next step forward for our Humanity is realizing we are citizens of a something more. Essential keys to expanding understanding of ourselves, our history, our purpose of being and our future exists in the realms of our being beyond our physical world of substantial energy.

World of Energies is powered by a spirit of exploration, research, education and harnessing the knowledge of our place in the extraordinary universe of energies we are part of.



empowering meditative leadership, ambassadorship and creatorship for our shared spirituality

We are meditative beings co-creating with a meditative universe of being.

Meditative Collective is tasked with outfitting dedicated, skilled world meditators on their paths of earth service and endeavors to pioneering, cultivate and grow spirituality as a way of being through the incoming art, science and living of co-meditation.

We are on the way of waking up to our divine roles of co-meditating as living souls with the souls of our communities, our nations, our Humanity and our living Earth to uplift our collective well-being and evolution.

A central aim of Meditative Collective is to mobilize, train and support outposts of world meditators in every country in collaboration with the emerging forces of love and our planetary spiritual commons of kindred spirits.

Consciously, organically and systematically developing and applying our meditative presence and powers for the common good is one of the most noble skills and vital tasks for leaders and servers in every field of human living to jointly contribute to co-creating a world powered by wholeness, love and enlightenment as a way of being.



“every act of love, beauty and generosity to nourish the spiritual potential in one life is an investment into spiritual future of every life”