The Spiritual Trust has its origins in one question, “what’s my purpose in the world?”.



Thank you for your care in exploring our spiritual mission, message and endeavors.

My name is Kaisan, founding initiator and spiritual custodian of The Spiritual Trust. Since the moment I was moved to seek out answers to the question, “what’s my purpose in the world?”, in the earlier days of this incarnation, I’ve been fueled by a mission of assisting others in realizing the energies of their spiritual purpose and trekking their paths of spiritual agency and being.

My life’s trek is powered by the energies and purpose of enlivening spirituality as a way of being through the medium of spiritual-centered meditation, wisdom, collaboration, mentoring, healing, adventures and creative endeavors.

The Spiritual Trust is founded on the universal truth that we are each spiritual beings here to abundantly help one another realize and trek our unique and universal ways of spirituality in this momentous time in the evolution of our Humanity and Planetary Life to enliven the wellbeing of our shared world.

I look forward to seeing you on the Path.

“at the heart of each of our lives exists a fiery spiritual energy and purpose to nourish our world”